Gilling Terriers

Terriers (from Latin Terra=land) are documents defining the property of the church and were drawn up after a visitation by a representative of the Bishop of the diocese — in this case the Archbishop of York. There are three, presumably in the archives of the Borthwick Institute in York. They are as follows:

1665 – April 18th

A true terrier of all the Gleab landes and other possessions of Tythes belonging to the Parish Church of Gilling as hath formerly been given by the ancient and able men in the township and parish of Gilling. The whole Gleab belonging to the parish church of Gilling lying and being within the Lordship of Gilling aforesaid, consisting of pasture, medowes and arable land at full value of £39 per annum.

The whole ryth of the town of Gillingat the rate of£7per annum.
" "Coton""£16 " "
" "Grimston""£5" "

The Patron of Gilling is the Honble Charles Lord Fairfax, Viscount Elma.

Witness the hands ofThomas Preston
Wlm Bead
Rich Hall

1685 – August 21st

A dwelling House, a barn, a stable with ox house and a turph hous, eight cottages with garths with common right and turph right. A summer pasture with two meadow closes adjacent to each other and bounded east with land belonging to Miss Liptrot and Mr Barton of Cawton on the south with Lousy Hill and Lousy Lane and a little field belonging to the Lord Fairfax, on the west side with Mill Hill and the garths of the town and on the north with Skirwood. One summer pasture called Armit Carr adjoining the Holbeck and a meadow close called Little Carr. On the west thereof another meadow close called Low Carr on the east thereof. All...................this except lay in Cawton for which they pay 13/8s yearly at Easter Monday and lay in Grimston which they pay by custom 3s-4f yearly at Easter Monday and all the demeans belonging to the Lordship of Gilling paying a wainload of hay with the tyth out of Hall Ing and the meadow of three acres in the Low Ings and a Fog gate with the Lords fat cattel.

Witnesses 21/8/1665Cha Maw Rectors Churchwarden
Henry Spenne
Wm Hopkin (his mark)

1694 – March 15th

Gleab 6 farmes the closes whereof are commonly known and called by names of east and west church land fields (M.A.Hutchinson, Vicar). Ad House, barn, stable and outhouse to set carriages in. 6 cottages and 8 garths with com and turf rights. A pasture called 1st Carr 17 acres, N Beck, Robin Ing Close belonging to Lord Fairfax in occupation Philip Hopkin. Meadow Close called Low Carr, Little West Carr meadow close of Lord Fairfax in occup Catherine Liptrott, North Beck E 1st Carr Low Carr North Beck East meadow close belonging Thos Barton Esq in occ Jon Lewis. Tum W Carr S Meadow close called Sordum belonging Thos Barton in Glebe land belonging to the house up...the heights called the Banks. About 120 acres (West Skirwood, East Cawton Heights blng Mr Whitehead and Thos Barton Esq and Mr Whitehead’s headland occ Wm Smiddeys Esq West Barton’s by Geo Manners. W of the town S Lowsey Close belonging Lord Fairfax now in occ Christopher Fewster ea pasture called little field blng Lord Fairfax in oc Rob Holdforth and close called Mill Hill b. Lord Fairfax in occ John Hopkin. A Tyth for hay of Cawton 14s, for Grimston 3/4. The Rector has a meadow of 3 acres in the Ings belonging Lord Fairfax in occupation Henry Jackson. Also a load of hay as much as he can bring out of Hall Ing after the whole has been tythed by him. Belonging to 1 in occupation Lord Fairfax. He common right and turf right in Gilling 14 load of turf off Grimston Moor, i 1 out of Lowsey Close. He has a customary payment at Easter of 2d a head of all above 16 years of age and a tyth hen at Christmas of every house and a fog gate with the Lord’s fat cattle.

Thos Gouge Rector
Christopher Fewster c/w [presumably church warden]
John Rowlson (his mark)
Wlm Pears
Thomas Mahlam

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